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  Surviving and thriving life’s transitions together

About Us

Transitions are often difficult, but they can also be wonderful opportunities for changing your life. I am passionate about  helping my clients to flourish during these times of transition, building on their strengths, becoming more resilient, and finding happiness and purpose on their life's journey.


 Ellen Neiley Ritter, Ph.D.

Transitions Coach


Life is about choices. As a professional coach, I am committed to working with individuals and families to help them to make choices that will result in a more balanced, satisfying life.

Whether you are going through a transition now, are questioning your life choices, or feel as though you want more from life, coaching can be the first step to make it happen.

My Qualifications

I have a Ph.D. in Psychology, with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy.

I am a Certified Seasons of Change Transitions Coach.

I am also a graduate of the Institute for Life Coach Training's Foundations program in Coaching

I serve as the life coach for the Empty Nest Mom's website group.

Member, International Coach Federation


My Coaching Philosophy

I believe my clients are resourceful, creative and whole, capable of defining what  the right path is for their lives and a strong belief that all individuals have the strengths necessary to make it happen.

Coaching provides you with the support, insight, and tools to explore your own path and create the life you want. By examining what is going on in your life now, the obstacles you face, and the strengths you have to overcome them, coaching can help you rediscover and pursue those dreams that can make your life more fulfilling.

If you'd like to see how coaching can help you flourish during transitions, please email me or consider signing up for a complimentary coaching session to see for yourself how coaching can help you achieve your dreams.

Ellen Neiley Ritter, Ph.D..


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