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  Surviving and thriving life’s transitions together

Empty Nest Transitions

All transitions are difficult but for many of us, none has a greater impact than the Empty Nest Transition. Even though we always knew our children would eventually leave, we are not prepared for how much this change impacts us, and aren't sure how to get through the sadness and use this time to redefine our new roles and create lives which will be fulfilling.

As a transition coach, I have found that Carol McClelland's Season of Change theory provides a wonderful model to  explain the transition process. To determine which season you are in and suggestions for the different steps you can take to make this transition a more positive, purposeful experience, please click on the trees below.

It is my hope that the following will increase your understanding of transitions and how you can use nature's lessons to help you with this difficult transition.

Understanding the Empty Nest Transition

With the help of the tree outside my window



Fall is the season when you begin to realize that change is coming, that summer is ending and winter is coming.


Are you in Fall?

I am worrying about the future.

I am looking at options, starting to consider what I want to do.

I feel as though I am waiting, that I know that things will be changing in the near future.

I am anxious about change.



Early Winter days are dark and depressing as you try to make sense of the change and its impact. While this is a time of confusion, the turning point or Winter Solstice, occurs when you let go of the old assumtions and open your mind to new insights and possibilities.


Are you in Winter?

                       I keep crying or feeling sad.

                       I am confused and want time for myself,

                       just to think.

                       I feel stuck, filled with doubts.

                       I'm starting to get new insight into my future.



Spring is the time of new growth and possibilities. It is the time to let your insights begin to come forward, to begin create the life you want. 

Are you in Spring?

I am beginning to act on my insights and plans for the future.

I am feeling full of energy, excited about the possibilities.

I am trying new things, new roles in my life.

I am feeling uneasy about the new things.



Summer is the time to celebrate, to enjoy all you have accomplished.


Are you in Summer?

I feel confident.

I feel a sense of clarity about my life purpose.

                         I am seeing positive results from my efforts.

                         I feel good about myself and my life.


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